HS Swim Coach Arrested For Secretly Taping Girls

An Indiana high school swimming coach has been arrested for secretly videotaping girls in the locker room.

empty swimming pool

The KOKOMO TRIBUNE reports that Kokomo coach Brian Hindson was hauled off by authorities on federal child pornography charges. After searching his home, police removed 65 items from Hindson’s house, including “computer hard drives, monitors, CDs, DVDs, camera equipment and Hindson’s passport.”

Hindson might have gotten away with his perverted actions, had he remembered to clear off his computer drives.

In March 2006, Hindson had sold a iMac to a buyer in North Carolina. Upon booting up their new computer, the buyer and her son found two video files “taken from a hidden camera in a locker room depicting footage of what appears to be a teenage girl undressing without knowledge of the camera.”

But it wasn’t until last Tuesday that the FBI contacted Kokomo PD detective Michael Banush about the buyer’s complaint. (That’s government bureaucracy for you.)

From the search affidavit: “Upon viewing the videos, Det. Banush went to the girls swimming locker room at Kokomo High School’s Memorial Gym and determined that the video discovered by (the computer purchaser) on her computer was in fact produced in that locker room in Memorial Gym.”

Hindson has since been fired by the school, and could be experiencing a new kind of backstroke when he’s sent to PMITA prison.