HS Hoops: Where Scorekeepers And Idiots Attack

Just when you thought parents attacking refs and overeager high school fans went out with Blind Melon in the late 90s, along comes a new spate of stunning assaults — on both decency, intelligence and actual human beings — that throws that all back into question.

scorekeeper fight

The headliner of the group is clearly a referee attack by a fan in Indiana. It’s pretty standard fare for the mildly psychotic overeager fan demographic — fan gets pissed at calls, fan can’t vent any more, fan charges at referee — except for one crucial detail: The referee is also a police officer. Yet this incident is only slightly better than the other stunner, a fight between high school scorekeepers, caught on camera (video after the jump).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled story on an idiotic Indiana preps fan. The story was first reported by the NORTHWEST INDIANA TIMES, and has some of the quotes of the year, bar none. It turns out that the incident started rather innocuously enough, with 64-year-old Patrick Rempala losing his temper and charging on to the court to tell the referees, “You suck!”. Fair enough, maybe they did. Where Rempala lost it, however, is when he decided that, after not having his witty “you suck” responded to with similarly witty reparte, he would chest bump the official in question. Bad idea.

Here’s what happened next:

After Rempala pointed at his chest and bumped (Glen, the referee) Fifield, a school official stepped in, Fifield said.

After he was pushed, Fifield identified himself as a police officer and told Rempala that he was under arrest.

Rempala responded, “You can’t arrest me, you’re a referee,” and he pushed the state trooper again. After a struggle, and with assistance from spectators, Fifield gained control of Rempala and arrested him.

Fifield said he’s been confronted by fans before, but this is the first time he’s been attacked in his six years as a referee. “It’s just a shame it had to happen where kids could see,” Fifield said.

Yes, it is a shame. But in another way, it’s a comfort. After all, if a 64-year-old man is that overly aggressive, he’s probably either over or under-medicated. Either way, he’s dangerous or delusional, and we don’t need that on the streets.

At least with a bizarre fight between scorekeepers of two rival Massachusetts high schools, the antagonists were on even ground. We found the tale in RANDBALL, but it was first intprepidly reported by both the WATERTOWN TAB & PRESS and the WALTHAM DAILY NEWS TRIBUNE, a community weekly and daily in suburban Boston.

The fight reportedly started when, at the tail end of a heated Middlesex League rivalry, the Watertown scorekeeper — a fellow by the name of Josh Bellini — sprayed water on his Lexington counterpart, one Nick Santosuosso. And Santosuosso was none too happy about it, responding with a crisp punch to the face, an attack which broke Bellini’s glasses and opened up a significant cut above his left eye.

Hey, we’d give you more detail, but the video’s right there to prove it. Man is it fantastic. What’s more, thanks to the conclusive video evidence, both Bellini and Santosuosso have a court date to look forward to. Bet they didn’t anticipate that when they agreed to be high school scorekeepers, huh?