HS Girls Coach Fired For Exhibiting His Peter Pan

All that Sean Shields wanted to do is dress as a naughty Peter Pan and include a few questionable props, such as this household cooking utensil that you see in the photo covering his Never-Neverland. Is that so wrong? Sure he’s a high school teacher and girls basketball coach. But this was Halloween, and Shields was feeling buoyant and playful.

Shields apparently unveiled his costume at a party in which students were present, and Albany High School (Louisiana) administration officials were not amused. Shields resigned (read: Was fired) on Monday. That’s what happens when you prance about as a wood nymph and almost exhibit your Mr. Smee.

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Shields could not be reached for comment, but his attorney, Sherman Mack, said his client wore the costume to a private adult party. Mack said Shields only stopped by the house where the picture was allegedly taken to show a friend his costume.

Once he realized this was not an adult party and that there may be students there, which there were, he got in the car with his wife and went home,” Mack added.

Mack said Shields feels the photos were taken by someone who had it out for him.

Shields taught social studies and science, and was the girls’ varsity basketball coach.

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