HS Football Team Breaks 66-Game Losing Streak

Seven years of perfection down the drain. Oh well; all hail Carl Hayden High of Phoenix, Ariz., which just snapped a 66-game losing streak and is currently partying like they’ve won the Super Bowl. And why not? At this rate they won’t get another chance until 2016.

Carl Hayden players celebrate

But meanwhile, in Hollywood, Fla., another kind of win is causing great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Chaminade-Madonna High recently won a football game 83-0, and not surprisingly, some people seem to have an issue with that. So which win was more impressive?

Carl Hayden is basking in the glow of victory which it hadn’t felt for nearly seven years, after putting the hurt on visiting San Luis High, 44-21, on Thursday. With the win, coach Cleveland Dansby improves his record at Hayden to a glossy 1-42.

“It was just great, man, you know, it’s hard to put into words,” said Dansby, who took over the program in 2005. “The kids deserve it. The community deserves it. I’m happy. I feel good. I feel a thousand pounds lighter.”

But meanwhile, heavy lies the head that wears the 83-0 victory. Chaminade-Madonna coach Tim Tyrrell is doing some fancy footwork to explain his team’s lopsided win over Pompano Beach, which included a 42-0 second quarter. The final result tied the Broward County record for margin of victory set in 1951.

“We did not go into the game looking to score that many points,” Tyrrell said, “and a lot of them came in bunches and off big plays. We only had one real drive; the rest came on short fields.”

“I can not tell kids who do not get a chance to play to go in and not try,” Tyrrell said. “To not get better. To not work hard. If I pull my first team too early they will not be ready for the games that are coming up on our schedule. It is my job to get this team ready.”

But does the “I’m just getting my team ready for the season” excuse here really hold any water? No one gets better by pummeling a helpless opponent — those first-team players he’s talking about would be better served going against their own second-stringers in practice, who are obviously better than Pompano Beach.

The classy thing to do after the 60-0 mark would be to punt the ball back to the opposition on first or second down. Or put in Jake Delhomme.

(Even the Pompano Beach mascot was full of fail)