HS Football, Naked Phone Molestation And You …

A football player at Willard High School in Norwalk, Ohio, is not only in trouble for racing around the team locker room nakedly molesting other players — for the second time — but also for apparently texting during his court appearance so various friends could blog about the case.

Willard High, home of the Crimson Flashes (this is true) does not put up with lockerroom shenanigans, especially when it includes a football player tearing a telephone receiver off of the wall, placing it in his Speedo and telling younger players “It’s a sex line. It’s for you.”

As Hank Hill would say, “That boy ain’t right.”


The 17-year-old Woodbine Street boy was at a football camp June 22 in Ada when he “thought it would be funny” to chase a student while running naked down the hallway into a coach’s room, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker said.

After that, the boy put on Speedo-style underwear, took a phone off the dorm wall and placed the receiver in the front of his shorts with the cord hanging out the back, she said. The student is accused of approaching various players and saying, “Oh, it’s a sex line. It’s for you,” Shenker said.

“He pointed to the Speedo shorts,” she added.

And my favorite sentence in the story, wait for it …

During an emergency Huron County Juvenile Court hearing, Judge Cardwell prohibited the boy from using or possessing his cell phone.

Mrs. Ballbricker does not approve.

Not only did the player in question get suspended from the football team, but the incident(s) required “an emergency Huron County Juvenile Court hearing.” That may seem like an overreaction, until you read this:

In mid-July, the boy admitted to a disorderly conduct charge for pulling another wrestler to the ground while the defendant was naked and put his genitals in the other boy’s face. That incident happened between Dec. 1 and Jan. 1 in the high school locker room.

The defendant also admitted to a separate incident in which he and two 16-year-old boys grabbed the same victim’s genitals through his clothing, pulled down the victim’s pants and forcefully touched his private area. The assault happened Feb. 4 in the high school gymnasium.

“Hey, what can I say, your honor? I’m just a people person.”