HS Volleyball Coach Caught in Parking Lot Sex Act

You know, this isn’t really a sports story. It’s just a pair of consenting adults, doing what comes naturally. So my apologies in advance, Wyvonne Walling, because under normal circumstances this wouldn’t get play on this blog. But Wyvonne, you had to go and be a high school volleyball coach. And then you had to go and get accused of blowing a Kroger manager in a parking lot.

Wyvonne Walling

Walling and Barry Ray Luckie were arrested last week while getting, ahem, luckie, in a pickup truck parked by the city pool in Roanoke, Texas. In addition to coaching the Carroll Senior High School Lady Dragons, she also teaches a teen leadership program. So, assuming she’s setting an example for her players, it might be worth tracking where her players go off to college.

The two were arrested for public lewdness after being seen by a police officer “performing a sex act” in the truck around 8 a.m. on Thursday. Eight in the morning! Good morning to Barry Luckie, I suppose.

Barry Ray Luckie

Not noted in the article are Luckie’s Kroger co-workers noticing he had an extra bounce in his step at work that day.

Walling is also the acting athletic director, head of the school’s phys ed department, and assistant track coach. Besides shattering her kids’ ideals, she’s also managed to shatter the stereotype that female gym teachers are lesbians.