HS Cheerleaders Can Pull Off Some Crappy Stunts

• A group of cheerleaders at a Texas high school sock it to a teammate by smearing human feces inside her locker.

Bring It On brown socks

• Does the Denver Broncos’ Brandon Marshall like to beat women?

• Every time a Laker visits Colorado, sex accusations are soon to follow.

Jeff Van Gundy is trying to stay objective in the broadcast booth, but he really wants his brother Stan to beat L.A.

• I know playing in the SEC is tough, but getting death threats from your own fans?

• But SEC schools aren’t any smarter than their fans, such as introducing recruits in a big weekend event - which might be violating NCAA rules.

• The Red Wings are halfway to a Stanley Cup repeat. Hooray.

Jay Mariotti calls out LeBron for being a baby. Um, excuse us?

• Sports broadcaster Joe Buck is all set to conquer late night comedy.

• Looks like the Nats will draft pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg, after all. Probably the only smart move they’ll make all season.