HS Cheer Coach Canned After Playboy Photoshoot

• A California high school cheerleading coach was given her pink slip when she took off her slip - and everything else - for Playboy.

Carlie Christine

• ESPN’s expose on the WWE was more of a tapout than a body slam.

• Speaking of physical assault, a Brazilian soccer coach punches a ref in the middle of a game.

• How did the Chicago Bulls’ Ben Gordon burn his arm? Would you believe because his scarf caught on fire?

• When he’s not passing the ball, Dwight Howard loves to pass gas.

• Finally, the rich in New York can enjoy a day at the ballpark without having to rub elbows with the riff-raff.

• Is LeBron considering leaping to join the Jewish religion?

• The University of Missouri settles a lawsuit with family of a football player who collapsed & died during practice - without the school sharing any blame for the tragedy.

• A group of Villanova students are vanquished from trying to steal a sign from the Philadelphia Eagles’ home stadium.

• Who needs the police when we can all keep an eye on Michael Vick through the wonders of reality television?