How To Woo Erin Andrews On Valentine’s Day

Listen up, gentlemen. If you weren’t aware of it already, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. You know, the day that Hallmark invented to blackmail you into buying your girlfriend/wife/mistress/stalkee a gift, or risk not getting any for a few weeks? I just thought I’d warn you in case you’d completely forgotten about it so you still have time to go buy some crappy heart-shaped box of candy. Of course, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day could be a wonderful thing.

There aren’t many days during the year that make a single woman more depressed than Valentine’s Day. She looks around and realizes she has nobody, and begins to feel lonely, and as a result lowers her standards enough that even you, yes *you*, stand a shot at getting with her. Even someone as unattainable as Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster Erin Andrews is a legitimate target for you on Valentine’s Day, and lucky for you, she’s giving out pointers on how to get her.

Andrews did an interview with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Jimmy Traina in which she answered a few questions about VD (VD standing for Valentine’s Day, not the Roberto Alomar Jr. kind).  Here are some excerpts: Are you a big Valentine’s Day person?

Andrews: Of course. What girl isn’t? What’s the worst Valentine’s Day you ever had?

Andrews: It’s usually the ones like this Saturday when I have to work and I’m having trail mix and water at the game as a snack and I can’t go on a fun Valentine’s Day date. (*Editor’s note: Erin will be working in Madison, Wisconsin, this weekend) Candy or flowers?

Andrews: I’m a candy freak but for Valentine’s Day, flowers are the way to go. It a guy doesn’t want to do the traditional, cookie-cutter flowers/candy thing, what would you suggest he buy his lady?

Andrews: Well, given the economy right now, I think just fixing up the house, lighting a bunch of candles and getting a few bottles of wine would be perfect. If a guy wants to spend some dough, that’s different. But if someone isn’t working with a big budget, candles and wine are a good way to go. What would be the worst gift; one that could ruin the night?

Andrews: A gym membership.

Erin also goes on to say that she has no problems with tattoos and long hair, as long as it isn’t Brett Michaels-long. She also says that a big way to win her heart would be if you’re an animal lover. So quick, fellas! Run to the store, get a dozen roses, a bottle of wine, long stem candles, some kind of dog lover’s magazine, and get your ass to Madison, Wisconsin!

She’ll be putty in your hands.

Oh, and think of me as you’re having the best night of your life!