How To Win a Sports Radio War? Implied Nudity!

I was in the sports radio game for many years, on-air and as a program director. So I have a pretty good idea of what sports radio guys go through in trying to make a station work, and work well. I must confess though that I might now be behind the current industry learning curve, if Detroit’s WDFN-AM is any indication.

WDFN Implied Nudity On Station Website

In the Motor City, you have two competing sports stations: WXYT and WDFN. XYT carries a lot of play-by-play, so you can guarantee vanilla talk shows as management is afraid of upsetting the teams the station broadcasts. WDFN has only Pistons PBP, so the approach is quite different. Especially on the station’s website.

WDFN’s site is littered with innumberable images of scantily-clad women, which makes you think the station’s sales team has all but given up trying to sell legitimate advertising on it. Though that predicament makes it a major win for web surfers - if all they’re looking for is pix of hot chix (isn’t that why anyone goes to a sports radio site?!).

Witness an area of the site WDFN calls “Stripped Down Sports.” The video is semi-NSFW and features an age verification on Youtube:

Looks like a certain promotions assistant or two might just have the dirty job of combing local strip clubs for sports *reporting* talent.

What you wonder about is why WDFN, which is a venerable sports institution in Detroit (it actually is), would go this route on its website. Obviously it helps with traffic, but what sponsor would want to advertise on a site with that sort of content? Actually, strip clubs would, and they do (see screen grab above). But that’s about it.

My only guess is that station-owner Clear Channel is building traffic on all of its sports stations to try to sell ads packaged as a male-demo network. With that in mind, a media buyer in NYC or LA isn’t going to know about the individual content on the CC sites, so WDFN might still land ads from network buys.

It is ironic though, considering how many sports radio-types still somehow look down their nose at blogs for publishing photos of attractive women.

No brah, I don’t want your press pass to the EMU-Oakland game Friday night.