How To Use Gitmo Techniques For Fun And Profit

Joe Navarro’s job used to be figuring out if someone was lying about knowing where Osama bin Laden was hiding. He’s given up that job for one much more important: figuring out if someone’s going all in hoping for a high card.

Joe Navarro

(I interpret this pose as saying, “Buy My Book.”)

The former FBI body language expert will be in Las Vegas for a World Series of Poker Academy session, teaching players how to read their opponents. Considering we haven’t caught bin Laden, and poker is apparently a real sport now, I guess Navarro made a good career change.

A guy will push all his chips into the center of the table, forcing his opponent to make a big decision for the rest of his money in a cash game.

After going “all in,” the player will recline in his seat, his body language making it look as if he’s watching a football game on a couch in his rec room.

“I’m thinking it’s clear this guy’s got the nuts,” said Navarro, who spent 25 years with the FBI specializing in nonverbal communication and behavior analysis. “He’s all in and he’s all spread out. His legs are open. His arm is splayed across two chairs.

“It’s what we call a ‘territorial display.’ It’s what we do when we’re strong. And still, the other guy is struggling whether to call (the all-in bet). I can’t believe I’m watching this. Why would you call? All the information is right there in front of you.”

Actually, reading that passage from the LAS VEGAS SUN is probably all you need to know, and there’s really not much point in attending the seminar now. But if you’re a hardcore poker player, you probably enjoy throwing good money after bad, and you can learn from the best for just $1,990. Actually, they say $1,990, but Navarro will be able to tell if you’ve got more money in that checking account, and charge you accordingly.

Other instructors include Joe Hachem, who “developed a rare condition that prevented him from using his hands to do his job,” and naturally decided to become a professional poker player, where using your hands is the only part of the job.

I’m thinking of setting up my own competing seminar, with a cost of only $990. You’ll learn just as much, but you’ll come out a thousand bucks ahead.