Burned Body Discovered On Scottish Golf Course

Here’s what comes to mind when I think of Carnoustie, Scotland: British Open golf, small-town sensibilities, and the notorious seaside weather. One thing that I never, ever considered: ground zero for gruesome murders. But it’s suddenly turned into Se7en in this community of some 10,000 residents.

Carnoustie body on fire

In April, police discovered a pair of human hands and a head — but no body — on the beach. And now on Wednesday, the greenskeepers at the Buddon course found a burning body near the 11th hole.

From the BBC:

Tayside Police said a post-mortem examination had been carried out on 51-year-old Robert Higgins and that his death was being treated as suspicious.

Yeah, I’d say it’s a tad suspicious. It’s seldom the case that death by getting burned to a crisp is considered accidental or the result of suicide. In any event, police don’t have much to go on, but confirmed that Higgins had been drinking prior to his death. Which, in Scotland, is akin to saying he had been breathing prior to his death; it’s probably not all that helpful.

DOGS THAT CHASE CARS’ Shane Bacon won’t be offering up his Sherlock Holmes investigatory skills, but he does his best to help keep things in perspective:

Wow, that is a tough way to start your weekend. You’re at the bar, you’re having a good time, yukking it up with your buddies, and BOOM you’re on fire at a golf course. I hate when that happens.

As for what this means for the professional tours that patronize the Carnoustie courses, some good news: “Golfers come from around the world to play at Carnoustie and the Open was held on the Championship course last year. However, residents told the BBC Scotland news website that the Buddon course was normally used by local people.”

Thank God. I mean, we can’t very well have rich folks worrying about avoiding the gorse AND burning bodies. That’s strictly for the muni links crowd.