How To Dunk Like Michael Jordan In Seven Easy Steps

DUNKING LIKE JORDAN IS JUST SEVEN EASY STEPS AWAY! Like you, we’re one of those folks always looking for new challenges and a fresh approach to life, which explains our most prominent bookmark: Our top friend at is undoubtedly “DrDanny”, who is someone who can change your life. Why, just look at his litany of accomplishments:


If only DrDanny was around when we were an undersized, unathletic 8th grader. You see, in seven easy steps DrDanny can teach you to dunk like Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Dunk

… and we do mean YOU:

Michael Jordan

Thanks to DrDanny, dunking like MJ has been made easy. Now the hard part: Figuring out how to bump and grind with high school teenies on Spring Break in Cabo just like His Airness:

Michael Jordan Cabo Coeds