How-Not-To-Get-A-NFL-Team-In-Los-Angeles 101

L.A. TIMES NFL writer Sam Farmer had this Tweet yesterday, which continued to support my assertion that Ed Roski’s big to bring an NFL team to the City of Industry has never been a serious one - despite wall-to-wall media coverage to the contrary:

Blinky Flash Animation + Baseless Bloviation = Media Coverage!

Roski’s right-hand man says NFL team will be playing in new LA stadium by 2013 and we can “take it to the bank.

If that sounds familiar it should, because Roski’s same “right-hand man”, John Semcken, said basically the same thing about the Vikings moving to L.A. - under the auspices of Roski’s stadium bid - in 2009.

At that time I noted that anyone who had a legit chance to bring a NFL team to L.A. would never make such a definitive public statement without some sort of confirmation from the NFL. And in the case of the Vikings, I was right. Owner Zygi Wulf quickly rebuffed Semcken’s baseless statements about his team move to Roski’s fake, blinky stadium.

Now we get another blaring proclamation from Semcken (and Roski by association). The type of proclamation that the L.A. Times’ Farmer confirms Roger Goodell despises.

Another Farmer Tweet from yesterday:

I know this first-hand: Roger Goodell hates bold proclamations and guarantees about exactly when NFL is coming back to LA. Wolf-crying.

The irony here is that the NFL wants as many prospective L.A. stadium projects as possible to pop up, but it’s completely ignoring Roski’s bid.

What does that tell you?

Same thing I told you last year, these guys are pretenders. They don’t know how to play the game. They have no inside information to base their laughable assertions about what the NFL is going to do.

They’re filler for the media until someone gets serious about Southern Callifornia.