How Convenient For Yankees — Wang Is “Injured”

I missed this when the news first came out on Friday, but it appears that the Yankees have finally invented a reason to put struggling starter Chien-Ming Wang on the disabled list to prevent further embarrassment (and the possibility of losing him to a waiver claim if they tried to send himd own). Wang, as you may know, has allowed 23 earned runs in 6 innings this season.

chien-ming wang

And what, nobody is questioning this at all? Joe Girardi contended — nay, insisted — after Wang’s latest disaster last weekend against the Indians that the pitcher wasn’t injured, which led to much consternation within the organization as to what exactly they could do with him. Now, all of a sudden, he’s been diagnosed by A-Rod’s rehab doctor in Florida with “weak abductor muscles in his hips,” which is apparently enough to allow the team to put him on the DL.

Look, I understand that this stuff probably goes on a lot, but is there anyone on MLB’s end that makes sure a guy is really hurt?

Are you buying that Chien-Ming Wang is really hurt?

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The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS says that Dr. Mark Lindsay examined Wang this week and was forced by the team to say found completely independently of any nudging by the team that Wang’s hip muscles are weak and it somehow has something to do with his foot injury from last year:

Wang was examined by Lindsay on Thursday, as the Yankees searched for answers after the former ace opened the season 0-3 with a 34.50 ERA.

“That’s what’s preventing the power. It all has to do with the Lisfranc issue,” Cashman said, referring to the ligament tear in Wang’s right foot that cost him the final 3-1/2 months of the 2008 season. Wang will work with Lindsay to rehab the hips for the next 10-14 days, though he will continue a throwing program during that time. Cashman had no timetable for Wang’s return.

This is all very convenient, isn’t it? The Yankees now get to call up Phil Hughes this week if they want to and can keep Wang on the shelf as long as they want. For all we know, the Yanks will banish him to Tampa all year and let him go at the end of the season.