How Apropos: ND’s Sam Young Would Be Jesus

It’s Easter weekend, and plenty of us are heading home to celebrate the religious holiday with our families. Well, before Notre Dame football players got a chance to skip out of town, the FORT WAYNE JOURNAL-GAZETTE got them to say who they’d be for one day if they had their pick. Not surprisingly, most of the Irish picked other athletes, rappers and the like, but at least one, tackle Sam Young (no, not that Sam Young, this one), picked an even higher target: Jesus Christ.

sam young notre dame

(Hmmmm, not the way we pictured Jesus.)

That’s right, the former Florida Gatorade Player of the Year — he won the award over Tim Tebow — would embody Jesus for a day if he could have his pick. More refreshing, however, is the logic Young used to choose Jesus. It’s basically the same line we use to convince ourselves we really do want ice cream at 1:30 in the morning.

Hey, what better than a “What the Hell?” attitude to encourage someone to be Jesus for a day, right?

Here’s what Young told the JOURNAL-GAZETTE:

“And then Jesus. Jesus would be nice. It’s Easter. Why not? I want to know the big answers. Heck, why not, right.”

Nice one Sammy boy. Maybe next time you might want to wait until after a religious holiday to pose the concept of being Jesus for a day. Just a thought.

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