Houston TV Station Duped By WWE Set Stunt?

How many times do you have to tell people that professional wrestling is staged before it will sink in? THE BLOG OF HILARITY passes on a short item from Houston TV station KHOU on WWE head honcho Vince McMahon apparently being injured by a falling set on RAW on Monday night…except that, considering the WWE, it was all staged. Watch for yourself:

As BOH’s Chris notes: it would be a bit more convincing if the set had actually fallen directly on McMahon; it didn’t even really look like it had hit him — he just wound up under it somehow.

When an entire entertainment enterprise has a history of stuff like this, including the blowing up of McMahon’s limo, some restraint has to be on hand whenever reporting on them. Consider that the BOH provides us a look into what it’s like to do PR for the WWE in the wake of said limo explosion:

I had to pretend TO LEGITIMATE MEDIA that Vince McMahon has actually been blown up in a limo accident. Actually, no, I couldn’t say “Vince McMahon”. I had to say “MR. MCMAHON” (because that’s the character). I remember talking to a producer at Extra about it and he was like, “Funny stunt after that ending of The Sopranos, eh?” And I replied, in a complete stoic delivery, “Funny? Sir, this is tragic.”

There are few things more amusing then press folk getting completely played. This is the image the WWE sells to the public week in and week out to great success. At the very least, maybe someone ought to watch the tape a bit more closely so as not to get too taken by the WWE’s relentless promotional efforts.