Houston Texans Cheerleaders Can Be Seen From All Angles on Team Website

TEXANS SITE SHOWS OFF ALL ANGLES OF CHEERLEADERS: DEADSPIN covers all the angles, as they examine the online presence of the Houston Texans cheerleaders:

Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Over on the team’s official website, fans and curious onlookers alike can get to know the pom-pom pushers up close & personal.Best of all, visitors can experience the girls in 360. With a click on the link, the cheerleaders will spin right ’round, baby, right ’round, like a record. And another click will show an animation of the ladies in action.

Danielle Texans cheerleader

If you can’t make it to Reliant Stadium in person for the ogling, this is the next best thing.Actually, within the privacy of your own home, it’s even better.