Hotel Employee Couldn’t Be In On It With Barrett?

One of the mysteries of the Erin Andrews peephole video case involving alleged stalker Michael David Barrett is exactly the process of Barrett obtaining a room next to Andrews - a room that would also facilitate not being detected during a lengthy peephole alteration and filming process.

1st Photo Of Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews Alleged Nude Peephole Videomaker

(Why has no one accused hotel employees of complicity in the room bookings?)

Those are questions now thankfully being asked by Andrews’ attorney, Marshall Grossman.

L.A. TIMES today:

Grossman said the Nashville hotel staff was familiar with Andrews and other ESPN personnel.

“One can’t pass this off to simple ignorance,” said Grossman, adding that the incident highlighted the potential for more disastrous consequences.

“You don’t have to extrapolate very far from this to think in terms of somebody out to do even more harm and greater mischief than taping someone,” Grossman said.

So not only did hotel employees facilitate a complete stranger(?) by booking a room in a special area of the hotel where he couldn’t be detected outside her door, but the hacks at the hotel also knew Andrews - and never bothered to ask her if she knew Barrett.


More specifically, if you had wondered how Barrett (allegedly) was able to film the videos without fear of getting caught. Wonder no more:

Grossman said the hotel granted Barrett’s request and gave him and Andrews “rooms at the end of the hall, in an alcove, where anyone would be free to do just about whatever they wanted to do in complete privacy,” decisions that he said would “likely serve as a casebook study on poor hotel management.”

Poor hotel management? Why is no one suggesting that a hotel employee was complicit in the booking and placement of the two rooms? There isn’t a chance, albeit a small one, that Barrett may have paid a hotel employee to make the booking? Or provided other benefits?