Blog-O-Rama: Hot Women In Sports Media

• MR. SUNSHINE sees no clouds on the horizon when it comes to attractive women in the sports media landscape:

Erin Andrews

Steve Spurrier’s recent rant about admissions at the University of South Carolina isn’t new, as THE GAINESVILLE (FL) SUN reports the Ol’ Ball Coach had the same ol’ issue during his Gator days.• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES has an in-depth analysis of what happens when a skateboarder falls 50 feet straight down.

• ARMCHAIR GM spikes and struts with news that Yahoo Sports is running an end-zone celebration video contest:

Ickey Shuffle

• RUMOR OFICIAL feels smarter knowing Tony Parker & Eva Longoria want trilingual kids - as soon as she’s allowed to have any.• EAGLES CHICK takes a refreshing swig from the Nextel Cup, as kicker David Akers loves himself some NASCAR.

• The Washington Huskies have a big question to answer this season - Got Milk?

Washington Huskies Nestle Quik

• THE SPORTS DIVA gets starstruck by Lee Corso’s bestest buddy Kirk Herbstreit.• TRUE YANKEE BLOG disagrees with Mike Lupica about the great job Joe Torre has done.

• To those who’ve watched ESPN’s “The Bronx Is Burning” (all 5 of you), INSIDE THE IVY lets you know that Lou Piniella did NOT hide in a shower with Thurman Munson:

Lou Pinella Zorro

• COWBOYS BLOG raises a Black Flag in finding that Tony Romo’s new locker neighbor can be a big help from getting bugged.• LALATE reports N.O. Saints RB Reggie Bush is now likely the #2 endorsement check-casher in the NFL.