Hot Reporter Soaked In Philly Celebration… Again

Why is it that locker room celebrations in Philadelphia always seem to end with attractive female reporters getting soaked? Not that I’m complaining: it’s more a question of why is this just happening in Philly and not everywhere some team is celebrating a big win?

Jamie Apody

Last year it was Jade McCarthy who wound up the recipient of a champagne shower after the Phillies clinched the NL East crown. And THE FIGHTINS has evidence that after yesterday’s pennant-clinching win over the Nationals, it was Jamie Apody of WPVI-TV’s turn to get drenched, courtesy of Brett Myers and Pedro Feliz.

Video after the jump:

So making female reporters look like they are contract talent for Vivid Video seems to have become a tradition for the Phillies. Too bad Alycia Lane isn’t working in Philadelphia anymore. That’s a guaranteed ratings-grabber.

Alycia Lane

Also, a note to Brett Myers: Bud Light? Really, you’re too good to drink champagne once a year? And if you’re going to insist on drinking beer during a victory celebration, make it Miller High Life - it is the Champagne of Beers, after all.