Blog-O-Rama: Hot Baseball Wives And Girlfriends

• THE BIG LEAD knows which players hit one out of the park, as they list their lineup of the hottest baseball wives & girlfriends:

Danielle Gamba Dating Nick Swisher

• Well, that didn’t take long: ARMCHAIR GM finds Terrell Owens dissing his own quarterback again.

• DIE HARD STEEL reports Bill Cowher won’t be coaching again - at least while his daughter’s in high school.

• BUGS AND CRANKS hopes to tempt Roger Clemens’ palate with a little Yankee Squirrel Roast:

Roger Clemens Rocky Squirrel

• THROWING SMOKE makes a run for the border, as the son of New York Islanders coach Ted Nolan was refused entry back into Canada.

• THE FIRE PIT feels as cool as the other side of the pillow in declaring their love for SportsCenter catchphrases.