Horse Hairstyling Soon To Be The Mane Attraction

With the Kentucky Derby soon galloping its way toward us, everyone out at the track - from owners, bettors & jockeys - hope their horses will look good out there. Well, it’s fair to say those fillies never looked as good as this:

Horse hairstyling

That’s not a Photoshop job - this horse has really paid a visit to a hair stylist & ponied up for a new perm. Quite a sight, isn’t it? Bet you can’t wait to gaze upon some other made-up manes, can’t you?

Satisfy your curiosity after the jump.

Horse hairstyling

THE SPORTS HERNIA brushes up a story from the NEW YORK POST about some horses given new hairdos. The filly photoshoot was the idea of Australian advertising photographer Julian Wolkenstein, who thought it would be funny to take some snaps of horses with really long groomed hair. So he got together with stylist Acacio de Silva and soon had some shots of these mane attractions.

Horse hairstyling

(Bo Derek! Why the long face?)

Fitted with hair extensions, each horse took about 4 hours of grooming and a full day’s worth of shooting. Unlike most professional model shoots, there weren’t many complaints about the long hours or vicious threats made to any assistants who were 5 minutes late delivering their tall non-fat soy latte.