German Filly Goes Flying In Mid-Race Somersault

Now here’s a horse you can really fall head over heels for - if she hadn’t already done it herself.

Horse somersault

The LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH has the story of a filly who went flying into a shocking somersault during a recent race in Germany:

Jockey Anna-Katharina Bromann and her mount Schattenlady were racing in an event in Hanover when the horse’s saddle began slipping down its flank. Clearly agitated, the horse crashed into the race course’s safety rails, throwing Bromann from the saddle in the process.

But to the amazement of race-goers, Schattenlady ran back onto the track and threw herself head over heels.

After smashing her nose into the ground, the horse flipped and landed on her back. Astonishingly, both Schattenlady & Bromann escaped from the equestrian escapade unharmed.

Want to see an additional slide show? The SUN is there.

You’d think that with the recent Eight Belles tragedy, Schattenlady would know better than to horse around like that.