Horse Dies In Collision At Kentucky Derby Practice

While the entire human population of the world is freaking out about a possible swine flu pandemic, this is a scary time for the animal kingdom as well. Just last week, 21 polo horses dropped dead in Florida due to a medication mixup. The other day, 38 assorted animals died in a fire at a California wildlife refuge. If you’re an animal, especially a horse, watching the news as of late has got to be depressing indeed.

Kentucky Derby

Sadly, the animal carnage continued today at Churchill Downs, where, according to multiple sources including DEADSPIN, a 2-year-old filly named Raspberry Miss died and another horse, Dr. Rap, was injured in a horse-on-horse collision during a training session.

(Video after the jump.)

According to NBC CHICAGO, the surviving horse “had thrown her jockey before taking off down the track and slamming into the haunches of Raspberry Miss.” Amazingly, the jockey atop Raspberry Miss was unharmed, which is one of the few positives in this story. The video of the incident is below (no audio), but be careful - it’s pretty strong stuff:

I hate to leave you with that, so here’s some happier news from the world of animals: a box containing 25 ducklings was rescued at an Arkansas post office. Awww.