Eight Belles’ Revenge: Show Horse Attacks Crowd

Since Eight Belles’ tragic injury at Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, coupled with Barbaro’s drama from a few years ago, questions are being raised over the safety and protection of race horses. And PETA is unsurprisingly getting in the act, demanding that Eight Belles’ jockey be suspended & investigated.

Eight Belles Kentucky Derby

However, as people wonder what can be done to protect these steeds, one galloping vigilante has taken matters into his own hands … er, hooves.

FAN IQ gallops over news from the BBC that a horse bolted and leaped into a crowd at an English heavy horse show on Monday, injuring six people.

Eyewitness Alan East said that the horse being paraded around “didn’t look happy”, and soon broke loose from its handlers:

“Then it careered off round the field and suddenly crashed through a fence and it was away. People were screaming as they saw it coming. There were lots of children running around and it was lucky it didn’t hit any of them.

“Fairly quickly the horse was held back and taken back to the stables, people were very shocked, three people were on the ground. It was very lucky more people were not hurt, it is a big animal.”

Of the six injured, a pregnant woman was treated for shock, while two other people suffered broken ankles. (For those keeping broken ankle score at home, that now makes it horses 2, humans 2.)

Seems that horses are getting tired of being treated as animals. The equine community is mad as hell, and they’re not gonna take it anymore!

Eight Belles, you will be avenged!