Horrible Coach Steals $20 From Student’s Wallet

We’ve covered our fair share of bad coaches, from the pervy to the twisted to the downright douchey. But something about this story takes the cake. Gary Hamby, an assistant coach and phys ed teacher in South Carolina was arrested and fired for stealing $20 from a student’s wallet.

Gary Hamby

(If you see this man, feel free to spit.)

If that’s not the worst person in the world, I don’t know who is. I bet he kicked puppies out of the way to get to the wallet, and then pretended to give the $20 to a homeless man before snatching it back.

Read the gruesome details of the crime of the century, after the jump.

The student, at Seneca High School in Seneca, S.C., gave his wallet to a gym teacher for safekeeping during class. That teacher, Bob Mauro, noted the wallet had $36 in it, but when he went to retrieve it for the student, it only had $16. Let’s go to the videotape!

School surveillance video reviewed by the authorities shows Mauro placed the wallet into the file cabinet, turned off the lights and walked out of the office. The incident report states the video then shows Hamby entering the room, thumbing through the wallet in the filing cabinet, removing a bill and placing it in his pocket before putting the wallet back into the cabinet.

Jesus Christ, that’s low. I know teachers don’t make enough money, but I’m betting their 16-year-old students make less.

Hamby was placed under arrest for petit larceny after Seneca Police obtained a warrant. Hamby waived his Miranda rights, was booked and later released on $1,000 bond.

“The school district does not discuss personnel matters, but this person is no longer associated with the district,” said Kay Powell, School District of Oconee County director of the office of school and community relations.