Hope Iverson’s Sick 4-Year-Old Likes Wet Willies

Here’s a photo of Allen Iverson last Saturday night at the grand opening of a Wet Willies bar in Atlanta:

Allen Iverson at Wet Willies in Atlanta

(Iverson was playing spades with large-breasted patrons)

The photo was taken at 10 pm and Iverson is playing cards in the shot.

Not sure if that’s Iverson? Let me give you some perspective.

The below shot features a pic taken at the Wet Willies grand opening the same night Iverson was there.

Allen Iverson at Wet Willies in Atlanta

Note the thermostat in the background of both photos.

There’s also dozens of eyewitness accounts of Iverson being there on Twitter:

Allen Iverson at Wet Willies in Atlanta

Last week, the day before he was cut loose by the Sixers, I reported Iverson had hosted a nightclub event with rap mogul Jermaine Dupri in Charlotte.

Allen Iverson partying in Charlotte with Jermaine Dupri

Iverson had previously taken leave from the team to attend to his sick four-year-old daughter Messiah. Also last week Iverson’s wife Tawanna filed for divorce.