HOMELAND HOAGIES: After the Eagles cited secu…

HOMELAND HOAGIES: After the Eagles cited security precautions in the wake of 9/11 for an absurd BYO food ban at their new football palace, the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER had reporters haul hoagies into "Independence Hall, City Hall, three federal buildings, Philadelphia International Airport, county courthouses in Camden and West Chester, and more."

Additionally, a reporter in Washington, DC "took a hoagie on his rounds, triggering no alerts at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the Capitol, or a Senate office building."

Don Russell of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports PA Rep. Michael McGeehan "is gathering co-sponsors for a state law" to thwart the Eagles’ ban on bringing food into Lincoln Financial Field.

McGeehan said the bill, "Joe Sixpack’s Own Food Rights Act," has "more than 30 co-sponsors in the Legislature" and would "prevent taxpayer-financed stadiums and sports arenas from banning outside food."