Home Video: White Sox Wearing Shorts In 1976

On August 8, 1976, against my Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox became the first and only MLB team to wear shorts during a regular season contest. Sadly, the experiment lasted just three games.

Chicago White Sox With Goose Gossage Played 3 Games In Shorts In 1976

(Yes, that’s Hall of Famer Goose Gossage. Priceless.)

This week some fun home video of one of those games, August 22 of the same year against the Orioles, was posted on Youtube.

Goose Gossage pitched in one of the games for Chisox. He talked about the experience to the SACRAMENTO BEE in 1993:

Wilbur Wood and Bart Johnson looked like they were oversized kids. Bart looked like a 6-foot-5 baby. But I’ll tell you who looked the worst was Jim Spencer, ’cause he had no legs. I mean, your legs were white, sticking out of that dark blue color. It was bad. We were sitting there thinking, ‘What are we doing?!’

Goose Gossage In Shorts For White Sox

“It really didn’t settle in until we put them on. I think Bill Stein was the first guy to slide. You know, it’s not as bad as I thought.’ They said our jerseys looked like softball jerseys, but I know there were a lot better-looking softball uniforms than the ballooning stuff we had on.

“I mean, they were brutal. They were ugly. And I’ll tell you, we played exactly like we looked. But what are you going to do? Go on strike?

Actually, in all seriousness, if a team tried to do that today the players absolutely would go on strike.