Holyfield Ex-Wife’s Credit Card “literally wore out”

Evander Holyfield has reportedly requested an Atlanta-based court alter his child support payments to ex-wife Dr. Janice Itson. T.K Stewart of BoxingScene.com has background:

Evander Holyfield Dr. Janice Itson

Itson was Holyfield’s second wife. The couple had one child together, a son, Elijah Jedidiah Holyfield. But during the time they were married, Holyfield fathered two other children out of wedlock with two different women.

The pair went through a very messy divorce and Holyfield, despite his own marital infidelity, requested a paternity test be administered to prove that Elijah was indeed his child. At the time of their divorce, Holyfield’s net worth was estimated to be $90 million.

The couple was married in 1996 and divorced less than four years later.

Stewart reports today on the alleged “spending habits by Ms. Itson” that led to Holyfield attempting to renegotiate his 2000 divorce settlement with Itson. The claims, according to Stewart, came from a, “source close to the Holyfield family.” (So consider the source.)

Stewart source:

“I can tell you that she has a credit card in here name that, in the past, she has routinely charged upwards of twenty to twenth-five thousand dollars a month on. She would charge everything to that card from Starbucks Coffee to groceries to vacations. Evander was on the hook to pay it all.

“She would run over a quarter of a million dollars worth of stuff through that card in a year. I know for a fact that the credit card company had threatened to shut the card down on her.

“They would call her to get a comfort level with her spending habits. Once they found out she had been married to Evander - and that she herself was a doctor - they would let her go over her credit limit and basically charge whatever she wanted. It would always be paid in full within a month.

“Evander paid for everything for her. Everything for her, her house, Elijah - and she was not a spendthrift. Every day was a shopping spree and every day was a day at the mall. I know that she used the credit card I told you about so often that she had to call the credit card company to get a new card because it was literally worn out.”

Earlier this month, Itson sued Holyfield for $280,000 in past-due child support and interest. She filed a similar suit in Atlanta in October.

If you were previously wondering why Holyfield continues to damage his health by stepping into the ring, I think we’ve confirmed at least one of the reasons.

It’s going to take a miracle now for Holyfield to not only make Itson whole, but settle his other myriad debts. That or a groundbreaking discovery of space age hamburger preparation technology.