Holy Crap, Pete Carroll Actually Does Win Forever

We’ve written before about the fun that USC head coach Pete Carroll has at his practices and meetings. It’s probably safe to say that the Trojans are the the best-entertained football team in the nation, with Carroll’s penchant for pranks and cameo appearances from people like Will Ferrell.

Pete Carroll

Somehow, though, Carroll has found a way to top himself this week. Earlier, the coach released a video of some of his players performing a rendition of the old classic, “Lean On Me.” Cool, yes, but mostly standard stuff from a football team - most do “talent shows” or other similar activities during two-a-days to break up the monotony and engender team unity. But apparently that song gave Carroll an idea, one he quite awesomely acted upon in the video below.

Yes, that’s the legendary Bill Withers, the singer-songwriter behind that song, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and “Just The Two Of Us,” among other classics. And do not, do not tell us you didn’t find that video anything less than 10 kinds of awesome. Win forever indeed, Coach Carroll.

And then, when Withers addresses the team after that impromptu mass a capella session, do not tell us that you weren’t at all willing to pick up the pigskin and run onto the field at 100 miles an hour.

We’d say something like “we hope the players recognize what a cool moment that was for them,” but come on; of course they did. Not only were they having a blast, but their coach is the incomparable Pete Carroll; if he can’t get it into their heads that they ought to have appreciated that, then it’s an impossible task.