Lou Holtz Compares Rich Rodriguez To Adolf Hitler

UPDATE: Unca Lou speaks!  After the jump, natch.

We’ve been a little rough on University of Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez.  We admit it.  (Okay, we’ve pretty much pounded him with our Ronco Blogging Tenderizer for the last six months.)  However, we haven’t invoked Godwin’s Law yet to describe him.  It’s not that there’s a line we won’t cross; we just didn’t work out way down that far yet.

Lou Holtz and the New York Jets

Thankfully, Lou Holtz has the same lack of compunctions and more time to spend on the matter.  Therefore, he gleefully noted that Rich Rodriguez may indeed be a leader of men, but … ya know, Hitler was a great leader too.

DEADSPIN reports Mark May and Rece Davis desperately tried to wrestle the shovel away from Holtz to prevent him from digging deeper but with only limited success.

Honestly, who would have thought that the former head coach of an organization with slightly less influence on Catholics in America than the Vatican would call upon Hitler when discussing the University of Michigan head coach?  Not that RichRod doesn’t engender rather polarizing feelings, too, what with the smarm and the snark and all.

However, we’re not sure about this RichRod-as-leader bit.  We’re not even sure he ranks with Mussolini.  After all, U of M might tolerate his desire to have his nameplate read “His Excellency Richard Rodriguez, Head of Athletics, Duce of Football, and Founder of the Empire of Blue and Gold” if he could just get Toledo’s train to the end zone to stop running entirely.

*UPDATE*: Unca Lou already apologized for whatever he may have done wrong.   Honestly, though, we all knew his heart was always in the right place.  After all, who can forget this?

Lou Bucky Holtz

Go get ‘em, Bucky Holtz.