Holmes Opens Circuit City, Knocks Heavyweights

Every former heavyweight champ has to go into some sort of business venture post-retirement, whether high-profile (George Foreman) or the usual restaurant or office building owner. (Some might even say a forced retirement and a business opportunity would be optimal for say, Evander Holyfield.) Former champ Larry Holmes is taking that opportunity, by signing autographs and playing video games with kids at a Circuit City opening in Naples, Florida.

Larry Holmes

The NAPLES DAILY NEWS was there to cover the opening, and while pushing the game “Don King Presents: Prizefighter” (first 100 copies sold come with your own salt-and-pepper King wig), Holmes lamented the state of the heavyweight division and the state of its former champions.

Holmes, on Holyfield and Mike Tyson:

“They just (bit) off more than they could chew,” Holmes said. “It’s like lifting weights; when you try to lift too much and you can’t, what’s wrong with taking a little bit of weight off? They tried to live at the top when they could have done just as well living a little more within their means.”

Given the current state of heavyweight boxing, Holmes has few kind words for it — saying he wished he was younger so he could beat up on some of the lumbering guys swinging in the ring in the division. You can see where he’s coming from, especially in terms of entertainment: Wladimir Klitscho vs. Tony Thompson in a championship bout doesn’t drive me to order the pay-per-view.

But if Holmes ever gets tired of the smart life of preserving one’s mental faculties and wants to get back in it, I’m sure Butter Bean might be up for another go.