hole." But our fine player is redeemed i…

hole." But our fine player is redeemed in the final shot when Jackie sees the kid crying at his seat (I guess he is the last fan there) and the player approaching the kid with a ball under his arm. "The most annoying character is not a player, coach, exec but a reporter. Natch (Gilbert). An SI writer doing a profile on Jackie. He is bugging her all day doing his piece but somehow they come to terms in the final act."
Dialogue Excerpt: GILBERT (reporter character): "Look. I know it’s getting late but we never got around to my first question and especially after what happened here tonight, I would really like an answer. (Beat) Why give up your life to run a basketball team?" JACKIE (Jeanie Buss character): "Because while the business of sports might be full of sin, there’s nothing more moral than sports itself. Because in this f-ed up world of ours where bad things can happen and do, sports is purely good. Because the bottom line is excellence. Because there are no grey areas, you win or you lose. And if you lose, it’s only until the next game, when you can turn it around again. And win." GILBERT: "Should have taped that. Didn’t have it on."
JACKIE: "Just write, ‘at the end of the interview, Jackie Pine got emotional and spouted a bunch of sentimental cliches about sports.‘" GILBERT: "And was right." THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER. FINALLY LIKING EACH OTHER. GILBERT: "I’ve got a good little interview here. Thank you for your time, Miss Pine. Good luck this season." JACKIE "Thanks." VOICEOVER: "The reporter walks away and then that final sickening scene with the kid happens. I am feeling like throwing up." After reading the dialogue from this scene, it’s no surprise that sources indicate the odds are not good for this project succeeding - and that it will likely be shelved.