Hold The Mayo: O.J. Sticking Around At USC?

Standout USC guard O.J. Mayo said after a big win yesterday against Stanford that “so far” he is planning on sticking around for a sophomore season instead of jumping to the NBA. He also very much enjoys the ladies of Southern California so far (that’s just my guess).

O.J. Mayo USC Basketball

INSIDE USC has the words from the man who would be king.

‘So far, I’ll be back next year. Classes-wise I’m scheduling for summer school in the next two weeks. So far, I’ll be returning.’ Mayo was asked what would cause him to change his mind? ‘I don’t know. I think it’s kind of selfish to worry about what I’m going to do next year. We had a great win here against Stanford and we’re trying to get ready for the Pac-10 Tournament.’”

My best guess is that Mayo is dying to play with Li’l Romeo. Or at least watch the rapper/baller wave a towel. What is imminently clear is that Mr. Mayo will be calling the shots along the way, even if he is a poor man’s LeBron. He might even let Tim Floyd know at some point.

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