Hockey Player Picks A Fight With His Own Goalie

Hockey fights are not uncommon. Hockey fights between teammates? Well, those are a little bit more rare. But it happened last night in an IHL semifinal game, and the Fort Wayne Komets were the offending team. This is a fantastic find (via CANT STOP THE BLEEDING), and there is great news to accompany it: video.

Why did this happen?From THE JOURNAL GAZETTE:

“During the Komets’ 4-3 loss to the Muskegon Fury in Game 2 of the International Hockey League semifinals Saturday, there was a little tiff between goaltender Nick Boucher and defenseman Kevin Bertram. It happened after Boucher allowed a goal on which he said he was screened by Bertram.

‘On that play, I was screened by my own guy,’ Boucher said. ‘And I said, not very nicely, for him to stay out of my way. You saw the rest of it.’

The rest included a couple of punches from Bertram, who couldn’t be found for comment. Then the linesmen had to separate them.”