Hockey Player Nets Jail Time Over Fight On Flight

In the movie “Slap Shot“, Paul Newman’s character player-coach Reggie Dunlop has a dilemma. His team is in financial ruin & about to fold, so he’s forced to turn to the three Hanson brothers (no, not these ones), who are notorious for their thuggish style of play. That was back in ‘77 though, when “rough play” meant fist fights. Today, on the other hand, it means slapping a flight attendant, head-butting a passenger and exposing yourself on an American Airlines flight!

Hanson Brothers Slap Shot

CBS SPORTS reports that minor league hockey player David Cornacchia was sentenced to one year and one day in jail following one of the wildest flights in recent memory.

We’ll go ahead and list the offenses again since we’re still trying to wrap our heads around how one person could have accomplished so much: (1) slapping a flight attendant; (2) head-butting a passenger; (3) exposing himself. Where’s the YouTubes when you need ‘em?

Along with a 366-day jail term, Cornacchia also scored himself a supervised release for three years, required attendance at substance abuse and anger management programs, and a $4,000 fine.

Through a little investigative journalism (*cough* Google *cough*) we were able to find this previous interview with Cornacchia, who plays for the ECHL’s Florida Everblades.

This answer is particularly telling:

12. What is your favorite movie?
“Scarface,” “The Godfather,” “Rounders”

See? Violent movies actually do lead to violence in real life!


4. What do you love most about hockey?
Winning hockey games and battling and being around the guys

See? Being around guys and battling also leads to violence! Stay away from both!