Hockey GMs Engage In Verbal Sparring

DUCKS & OILERS GMs GETTING READY TO DROP THE GLOVES: The NHL has long been known as a bastion of fun fighting between players, coaches - and now, front office folks:

Kevin Lowe Brian Burke

SLAM! SPORTS speaks out on a verbal face-off between Anaheim general manager Brian Burke and Edmonton office personnel Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish.

Burke fired the first snarky salvo on Tuesday, remarking on the Oilers’ signing of player Dustin Penner. Burke called it an act of “colossal stupidity”, and such a move was running the team “into the sewer.”

Lowe quacked back, calling the Ducks’ GM an “egomaniac” and a “blowhard”. And MacTavish compared Burke to The Wizard of Oz: “Wheel him out in front of the camera, and he’ll say whatever you guys want.”

Oilers Ducks hockey

MacTavish further commented that Burke’s words were a “crusade of self-promotion,” and warned Brian that “what goes around comes around in this league.”

The two teams wiil meet for the first time this season on October 28 in Orange County. After the puck drops, there might be more fisticuffs in the luxury boxes than on the ice.