Hockey Coach Stops Stampede By Biting Horse On Ear

HOCKEY COACH TAKES A BITE OUT OF POSSIBLE STAMPEDE: It appears a minor league hockey coach has the teeth to try a second career in the rodeo:

Doug Sauter Tyson ear bite

ABC NEWS reports that Doug Sauter stopped a possible stampede at the Oklahoma State Fair on Saturday, when he bit a runaway horse on the ear.

When he’s not chewing on animal audial receptors, Sauter’s usually chewing out players as coach of the Central Hockey League’s Oklahoma City Blazers.

Sauter was attending a horse expo at the fair, when he saw a Belgian horse break free from his reins, spooking other horses and starting a chain reaction. But Sauter lept over the boards, and was able to stifle any stampede by noshing on the nellie, causing the other horses to stop.

Belgian horses

That’s how you stymie a horse. You bite as hard as you can, and it won’t move.”

No word on if Sauter or the horse have gotten their tetanus shots.