Hockey Coach Has Sex With Players, Keeps Job

Sadly, we’ve heard all-too-many stories about male youth hockey coaches sexually abusing their players. But a story coming out of Minnesota adds a new wrinkle to the mix: this time, none of the victims are dudes!

Shattuck St. Mary's girls hockey

The latest (alleged) perv is Eric Darwitz, the 31-year-old coach of the girls hockey team at a prep school called Shattuck-St. Mary’s. Charges were filed against him yesterday for inviting two of his 16-year-old players over, supplying booze to them, then topping things off by having sex with them when he was the coach at another school nearly three years ago. The school he coaches at now is one of the best prep hockey programs in the country. So how did they respond to these terrible allegations? They fired him immediately, right, since he’s at a boarding school and many of the girls he’s with now don’t have parents around?

Not exactly. The school has placed him on paid leave. That’ll calm everyone down! The charges were filed on Wednesday, but the school didn’t catch wind of them until Thursday afternoon, after Darwitz had casually showed up to work as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

According to the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE, Darwitz has already admitted to having sex with one of the girls. Here’s how it all supposedly happened:

The charges against Darwitz, based on interviews with the girls in March, said Darwitz sent a text message to one of the girls and invited them both to a party. He picked them up in Cottage Grove and drove them to his house, where he gave them drinks.

Soon after, Darwitz had sex with one girl, while the other man had sex with her friend. Darwitz later had sex with the other girl, the charges allege.

Darwitz acknowledged to police that he had sex with one of the girls that night and admitted knowing they were both 16 at the time, the charges said. He said he did not recall having sex with the other girl.

He also told police, according to the charges, that he saw himself as “a father figure and a big brother” to the girls.

The lesson here, girls, is that when your coach invites you over to his house for a “party,” this is what’s going to happen like 98% of the time. And way to make this even creepier, there, Darwitz, going to the “father figure” card. They’re so lucky to have an older guy in their lives who will get them wasted and take advantage of them.

Parents at his current school are worried, but not as worried as they should be:

Several parents said they were alarmed by the allegations but didn’t want to rush to judgment about the coach. Shattuck, which operates a boarding school and day program, has one of the nation’s leading hockey prep school programs, with skaters enrolling there from throughout the United States and Canada.

Has nobody caught on to the fact that he’s ADMITTED to having sex with a member of his team? Sure, maybe all the details aren’t worked out yet, but that part of it definitely happened. So why is he still getting paid by his employer for a job that they would be completely nuts to let him ever resume?