Hockey Brawler Ian Laperriere Hopes Plastic Surgeon Can Fix His Face

IS THIS HOW IT ALL STARTED FOR MICKEY ROURKE? KCNC-TV in Denver escorts Colorado Avalanche tough guy Ian Laperriere to a local plastic surgeon “to find out if his damaged face could be straightened out after he retires from the NHL.”

Laperriere, who reports has had 144(!) fights in his 12-year NHL career, has had his nose smashed so many times that it now resides off-center on his face - which he claims causes opposing fighters to miss his kisser. Seriously.

Hockey's Ian Laperriere Hopes Plastic Surgeon Can Fix His Broken Nose

While Laperriere is good-natured about his condition, he does lament the fact that he can’t wear sunglasses without them practically falling off his face - much to the delight of his teammates.

Consulting surgeon Dr. Stacey Folk has the diagnosis: “It’s not the worst nose I’ve seen. It is impressive though. It will probably never be really straight but I think we can do a good job making it look like a real nose.

Wow, there’s a vote of confidence.

Here’s hoping the plastic surgery will indeed be Laperriere’s stop after hanging up his skates, instead of the neurologist.