Highest Paid Batboy In MLB History Makes Debut

Last Sunday starting Cincinnati Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who is currently on the 15-day disabled list with strained oblique muscle, made history.

Orlanda Cabrera Highest Paid Batboy In MLB History

(More from Reds batboy Luke Stowe on Cabrera’s performance)

Cabrera, who is making $2.3 million this year, became the highest paid batboy in baseball history by assisting the club’s regular batboy, 16-year-old Luke Stowe.

From Mark Sheldon of MLB.com:

“At first, I was watching him and telling him what to do a little bit,” said the Reds’ regular batboy, 16-year-old Luke Stowe, son of equipment manager Rick Stowe. “He started recognizing stuff that I did after a couple of years. I was getting pretty scared thinking he was going to take my job.”

However, by the fifth inning, Cabrera called it a day and left the dugout.

“He said, ‘Man, this is tough work,’ and left after the fourth inning, but he did a great job,” Stowe said.

For his five-inning stint, Cabrera even eschewed his normal No. 2 for an official Reds batboy uniform top, replete with a “BB” on the back.

So why did Cabrera, who has played in nearly 2,000 MLB over 14 seasons, really cut the duty short?

From Reds manager Dusty Baker, sounds like he felt the effects of age discrimation:

“That only thing was that a couple of kids were saying, ‘Sir,’ to him,” Baker said. “He said, ‘Do I look old?’ Most batboys don’t have a beard.”

With this news expect MLBBBA (Major League Baseball Batboys Association) President Scott Boras to soon send out a press release demanding an exponentially higher batboy compensation slot.