High School Teaches Math with Fantasy Football

For those of you who think you went to the awesomest high school ever just because it had a big lawn and that drama teacher was just so neat, time to back up off it, because Bay Cove Academy is about to blow your mind. Fantasy football… in math class.

Jesus Football
(Like your football fantasy isn’t tackling Jesus on a veer option)

For real. Now these kids can start getting good grades just by sitting down every Sunday and watching some football. I tried that in college, and I just ended up drunk all the time. The WALL STREET JOURNAL has more:

Prior to this school year, Mr. Summers was made the head math teacher after serving as the assistant for two years. He was now free to design his own curriculum and concoct a project for the kids that would keep them interested in math without seeming too gimmicky or corny.

Fantasy football seemed a natural fit. In August, he presented it to Principal Judy Gelfand. Initially a little skeptical, she has seen the results and now embraces the project.

“It’s turned out great,” she says. “Ed’s enthusiastic and very smart. He’s made it so they wouldn’t know they were actually doing math.”

Bay Cove is a “therapeutic” high school, which means there’s lots of kids there who aren’t having an easy time in academics or otherwise, so this novel approach is a fine way to reintroduce them to a learning environment. At the same time, though, doesn’t it sort of send a message to the students of Boston public schools that if they screw around enough and get kicked out of their own school, they’ll be rewarded with fantasy football classes?

Further, I don’t get what the idea is behind spending three months teaching these kids how to score fantasy football. I’ve got two words that’ll save everybody a lot of time: Use Yahoo. There, problem solved, and my consulting fee is $4,000. Okay, $3,000. 500. Whatever you have on you. Spare change.

It’d still be pretty cool to take a class like this, though. Some of the lessons once you get into the second and third month would be pretty cool. “Assigning bonuses to large passing games,” “Why drafting any Oakland Raiders is always a horrible idea,” “Screw you Laurence Maroney,” and “Baltimore’s bitch-made defense just cost me $1300 and my wife is making me sleep in the car.” That’s a fun one.