High School Runners Race With Crosses On Face

Paul Lukas at Uni Watch today posted a couple links to photos of high school cross country runners in Oregon. In the shots, Jesuit High School runners compete in a state meet with painted crosses on their faces:

Jesuit High School Runners Crosses On Their Faces

The high school team doesn’t do it all the time, witness Jesuit’s top runner Annamarie Maag last month.

Jesuit High School Runners Crosses On Their Faces AnnaMarie Maag

Jesuit High Runners’ Face Paint Crosses

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Jesuit is a private, Catholic school, so those kids reserve the right to the striking imagery. As it should be.

If the kids went to a public school, I’m guessing that’d last about five milliseconds before a lawsuit would be launched by the ACLU. Don’t be shocked though if there isn’t some sort of protest about the face paint from “representatives” of public schools that compete against Jesuit at some point.

Jesuit’s nickname is ‘Crusaders’, and I can’t think of a better way of getting their point across. Powerful.