High School Removes Michael Vick Jersey From Trophy Case

VICK’S HIGH SCHOOL THROWS HIS JERSEY TO THE DOGS: Michael Vick’s old school has a bone to pick with the QB’s recent actions:

Michael Vick dog high school

The NEWPORT NEWS (VA) DAILY PRESS tosses up news that Warwick High School had removed Vick’s football jersey from their trophy case.

A school spokesperson said the uniform was removed last month, as Vick faced federal charges for illegally running a dogfighting ring. There’s also the marijuana accusations and the mountain of lawsuits that might have helped with the decision.

Well, that’s at least *one* bastion of education who wants to disassociate itself from the canine killer.

Raiders Warwick Vick Oakland fans

However, could Vick’s criminal capacities have come about during his wonder years at Warwick? After all, the high school’s nickname is the Raiders.