High School QB Sent Threatening Text Message

TEENS TAKEN IN FOR TEXTING THREAT TO HIGH SCHOOL QB: Two Ohio teens were arrested by police after texting a threat to a high school quarterback:

Text messaging high school football

MY FOX CLEVELAND reports that the QB for Coventry High School received a text message before last Friday’s game, warning him that he would be shot after he threw his first pass.

The texted threat resulted in beefed-up security for the game against Norton High, as additional deputies were spread throughout the stands and stadium. Luckily, no serious incidents occured.

Police tracked down the cell phone source, and arrested two teenagers from the Coventry area. Although they claim the message was a joke, both have been suspended from school and will likely be expelled.

Ohio State police car

Coventry’s superintendent said he has already been worried about students’ safety, based on recent fights between kids from his school and other districts.

And the events may have taken its toll on the team, as the Comets lost the game, 10-7.