High School Football Team Wearing Mohawks Told To Shave Them Off

HS FOOTBALL TEAM WITH MOHAWKS GETS CLIPPING CALL: Members of a Pennsylvania high school football team that were modeling mohawks now have to shave them off:

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The EASTON EXPRESS-TIMES cuts to the chase of 25 Easton High School footballers sporting the unusual hairstyle. The players said it was a show of team unity before their Thanksgiving Day game against rival Phillipsburg.But the principal told them this week to cut their hair or get cut from class. The school’s dress code prohibits “mohawk- type haircuts” or “spike haircuts in which the hair is sectioned and brought to a point.”

Many players are upset with the code rules, and have even petitioned the school board to scalp the mohawk ban. Some board members suggested letting the team retain the ‘dos until after the Turkey Day game, but the principal said he would maintain the policy.

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In the meantime, the Red Rovers will have to come over, and hippity-hop to the barber shop.