High School Coaching ‘Icon’ Solicits Sex On Video

Michael Lewis of the DAYTONA NEWS-JOURNAL reports Monday that prominent Mainland (FL) high school football coach John Maronto was recently caught by Daytona Beach police on video soliciting a local police officer for sex.

John Maronto Busted For Prostitution

(No Hail Mary? Maronto must be a defensive specialist)

Th 68-year-old Maronto is a former head coach of Ohio high school football powerhouse Massillon who has gone 139-38 at Mainland since 1996 - including a Class 5A state championship in 2003. Orlando TV news outlet CF13 called Maronto a high school football coaching “icon” in its report about the coach’s arrest.

John Maronto Busted For Prostitution

(Despite being caught on video, coach claims, “the truth will come out”)

Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood has the sordid details of the prostitution sting that ensared Maronto. A sting that was “in response to business owners and citizens complaining about street-level prostitution.”

“He approached an undercover officer and engaged her in a conversation about sex for $50,” Chitwood said. “Everything was recorded on video.”

According to a police report of the arrest, Maronto drove into a parking lot and pulled up next to the undercover officer, said he had a hotel room and offered $50 for sex. After agreeing, the officer arrested Maronto.

Maronto was the first of six men to be arrested in the sting operation, which was organized in an area of the beachside along State Road A1A where prostitution activities have increased, Chitwood said.

Chitwood said he was told the coach started praying after his arrest. “He was saying the ‘Our Father’ ,” Chitwood said.

Maronto, who is married and has five adult children, was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail and released at 5:30 a.m. Sunday after posting $500 bail, records show.

Maronto was charged with a misdemeanor count of soliciting a prostitute. He’s not currently suspended from his duties at the school, but will meet with district officials Tuesday. Since his arrest, he has not attended Mainland practice sessions.

Despite, as CF13 reports, police catching Maronto soliciting sex from an undercover officer on video and audio during the same sting that netted five other suspects, the high school coach told the ORLANDO SENTINEL, “The truth will come out.

Isn’t that the problem?

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