Hi School Coach On MTV ‘Bisexual’ Dating Show

HHR has a nice find in the DAYTON DAILY NEWS, which reported recently that a local Ohio high school football coach, Brandon “Bo” Kunkle, is appearing in a bisexually-themed dating show on MTV.

Brandon Kunkle Shot At Love Bisexual Dating Show

(Unfortunate facial hair, earrings, bisexual dating show. Perfect!)

The show centers on Myspace creation Tila Tequila. How the homosexual angle is shoehorned in there, we have no idea. As you might expect, Kunkle’s appearance on the show has caused quite a stir at the school where he coaches.

The piece on Kunkle barely mentions the bisexual nature of the show, but that topic isn’t lost on the dozens of comments left underneath the piece. Example:

Brandon Kunkle Dayton Daily News comments

It’s obvious most of the negative comments have been excised from beneath the piece by the diligent mods at the Daily News. And to be fair, there are plenty of comments supporting Kunkle (mainly, it appears, from the people he waits on at his bartending job).

So, if you had a kid playing football at the school in Ohio (Fairborn) where Kunkle was coaching, how would you feel about it? Kunkle obviously will be held up as a god in the school now that he’s appeared on everyone’s idiot box, but is that the kind of example (bisexual dating show) that you want your child to be looking up to?

We don’t think it’s an issue. At least not at the high school level (unless your child is currently dating Roger Clemens).